Teens don’t really think they have all the answers.

A lot of them are struggling whether they show it or not. Struggling with school, choices, and career options. We, as parents, want to help them find their way but sometimes we, as parents, aren’t the perfect folks to do that

I’m Lani Bortolotti. I help young adults plot an intentional and fulfilling life course based on their true strengths, abilities, values and passions.

Watch your teen light up from the inside, grow more confident, and get moving in an epic direction.

Work with Lana Bortolotti

Having you as a coach helped me clearly understand my own personal values and interests, and you were able to make it simple for me to find direction in my university career. Before, I was floundering and had a lot of energy and passion but did not know where to spend it, but after working with you I am directed and see the results every day. — Meagan

People are encouraged in different ways.
If you knew what motivated your teen (or your boss, or your partner) could you collaborate with less stress and better results?

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Productive tools, techniques and conversations to get you working at the top of your game.

Epic Direction for Teens by Lani Bortolotti

Choosing the courses and plotting the path towards a fulfilling career.

Course Correct Academic Coaching for College Students with Lani Bortolotti

It’s okay to course correct. Get back on track to do what you love.

Meet Lani Bortolotti, Epic Direction and Academic Success Coach for Teens and College Students

When it comes to success in school, life and career direction, I know today’s teens really benefit from coaching to unlock their potential. My certifications, experience, and passion for honest, empowering dialogue enable me to do what I truly love: put young adults on a path that will keep them challenged, confident and optimistic about the future.
–Lani Bortolotti