Heading off in your Epic Direction

When what you do aligns with who you are, you’re infused with a kind of energy that puts a spring in your step. It’s like a head start to happiness.


What is Epic Direction with Lani Bortolotti?

My Epic Direction program is designed to suit your teen/young adult and meet them where they are. If you have a high school student about to drop a course he or she needs for their future career, we start by looking at what they want to do and where their strengths are. If your college student is second-guessing their program choice, we review the reasons they made the decision and where they hope it will lead.

No matter the stage or the age, Epic Direction explores these important career-planning elements:

1. Self Discovery

In order to make worthwhile decisions you must learn about your choices. To do that you must first be aware of what your skills, abilities, values and strengths are.

You’ll work through a number of personality and aptitude explorations, including:

  • Disc personality profile
  • Number typing
  • Interest inventory
  • Holland’s Themes

2. Exploring Your Passions

Passion comes when you’re being your authentic self and doing what comes naturally to you. When what you do aligns with who you are, you get energy from doing it; you’re motivated, you jump out of bed in the morning and you look forward to the day ahead. The power of passion also enables us to be self-confident, trust ourselves and take the risks required to live every day to its fullest.

We’ll spend time looking at what you’ve done in the past that made you feel happy, joyful, challenged, innovative, and valued. You’ll have fun delving into your future hopes and dreams by looking at:

  • Your values
  • School
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Past experiences
  • Future Self
  • Your life stories

3. First Steps in the Right Direction

Together, we’ll look into career pathways: what education, training and other experience are required to follow your career options? We’ll design a plan of action that will assist you in staying focused and stay on track. And we’ll talk about mentoring for life—realizing why it is so important and how to identify and connect with mentors.

  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Informational Interviews –Ask, Ask, Ask!

Let’s talk more about Epic Direction and the Career Path it creates!

Meet Lani Bortolotti, Epic Direction and Academic Success Coach for Teens and College Students

When it comes to success in school, life and career direction, I know today’s teens really benefit from coaching to unlock their potential. My certifications, experience, and passion for honest, empowering dialogue enable me to do what I truly love: put young adults on a path that will keep them challenged, confident and optimistic about the future.
–Lani Bortolotti

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