What it Must Be Like to be 50! By 18 Third-grade Students

I received this comical and enlightening message from my cousin’s class as part of a birthday gift…

1. Really quite because your kids are adults.
2. When I tirn fifty I will have long hair.
3. I thik I am merried.
4. If I was 50 I wold have kieds.
5. When you are 50 it will be a lot of work.
6. When I am 50 I am going to get meried.
7. I will be big and smart.
8. You can get a car when your 50 years old.
9. We would have grey hair.
10. Your old.
11. I will have a labergini and no hare.
12. When I am 50 I mite be rich so much ($10,000).
13. You could have any dog you want.
14. It is very cool to be 50!
15. And maybe you will be ritsh.
16. Wene your 50 you could get a mantian.
17. I think you will be old and get wrinkles but I think you will be happy.
18. 50 is the greatest because you can do anything!

Of course, I read this and laughed at how these children envisioned a fifty-year-old. Then, I reread it and thought about how they had really captured the essence of turning 50…

1. You have choices now and you could have any dog you want, a car, a “mantian” — a new career or a new direction in life.

2. You are older, but you should be happy — if you are not, it is time to search for what really makes you happy.

3. You could be “ritsh” — not necessarily meaning money—there are many other riches in life, but it is time to think about your finances and how “ritsh” you need to be in order to live comfortably in the next phase of your life.

4. Your children are older — so life should be “quite”– more relaxed or less hectic and there is more time to dedicate to yourself and your career/life.

5. 50 is the greatest because you can do anything — it is the perfect time of your life to begin to focus on following your ideal path and creating a life that is the greatest!

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