What is the Best Thing That Can Happen To You?

I just received an email from one of my younger clients who I have been working with for a year and this is what he wrote:

“I’m just e-mailing you to let you know that I am hopping on a plane in a few hours, and am following through on my adventure! I’m a bit nervous, but the excitement outweighs fear. I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past year, and these past few months I have found myself much happier.”

This client came to me when he was lost and unhappy and was not sure as to what he was going to do to move forward in his life. Now, he was on his way to work outside of Canada on a community service project for a four-month term. This young man turned his life into something of true value and has now embarked on a journey that will change his life. I feel proud to say that as his coach, it was my job to direct and guide him by utilizing four key coaching techniques:

1. Teaching him how to listen to and follow his intuition;
2. Acknowledging and championing his true desires, ideas and goals;
3. Guiding him to develop and follow an action plan; and
4. Holding him accountable for his actions.

Our sessions began with many hours of self-discovery that allowed my client to truly uncover his values, desires, strengths and personality traits. My client learned how to listen to his intuitive thoughts and desires and that led him to the realization that he wanted to prepare himself for an adventure that would change his life. During this time, I was there to acknowledge and champion his ideas and to really listen to what it was that he needed to achieve in order to bring happiness and purpose to his life. Together we worked at developing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, resonating and timely) goals that would attribute to his success.
During our work together, it was my intention to always hold my client accountable for his actions or to guide him in redesigning his plan to propel him toward his goals. Many times this young man was fearful of what the outcome of his actions might be, however he learned to overcome his fear and to think about something I always ask my clients, “What is the best thing that can happen?” My client has learned how to believe in himself and is now discovering all of the best things that can and will happen to him.
What is the best thing that could happen to you? If you want to change or enrich your career, enhance or develop your personal relationships, start a new business, reinvent yourself or discover what you want to do with your life—feel free to contact me for a free coaching consultation.

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