Assessment Instruments – A Viable Support in Career /Life Coaching

When a client first comes to me, I generally ask them if they have participated in any recent assessments to determine how they are hard-wired. Assessments used in career counselling generally measure interests, skills, values, or personality or some combination of these. While some online assessments are primarily personality tests, the results have applications in the career realm, suggesting that people with certain personalities are best suited to certain careers.

Assessments are valuable self-discovery tools that bring the “unconscious” to “conscious” and that means that the increased self awareness you gain helps you choose conscious strategies for improving performance, increasing effectiveness, enhancing communication, overcoming challenges, and so on. According to Valerie Pils, a career coach and instructor, “Assessments provide answers as to why you may have been unsuccessful (or unhappy) in previous jobs.” Once you are conscious of your own self –you often feel more powerful and confident and are ready to focus on career and life experiences that “fit” you.

Knowledge about assessments and different personality styles can also assist you in relating to and collaborating with others. For instance, one of the assessments that I have been trained to deliver and facilitate is “DISC” or “Personality Insights” –a personality profile that is based on the model of human behaviour by showing a pattern in how you act. “DISC” is also a valuable tool for teams and leaders to learn how to develop positive and meaningful relationships with others. Dr. Rohm, the developer and owner of Personality Insights, simply explains the value of DISC by stating, “If I understand you and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we can work more effectively together?” A DISC personality assessment generally categorizes people into four quadrants—from their strongest to weakest traits according to specific questions that are answered by the participant.

As a coach, I find assessments to be a viable first approach to self-discovery, but only one part of the process. There are many assessments to choose from and it is up to me to assess which ones are specifically geared toward your own goals and objectives.

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