The Elevator Test: Which Type Are You?

The elevator doors are about to close on an eager rider who is trying to get on the elevator. Next, there are four people already inside the elevator. One of the people in the crowded box is in a hurry and does not want to wait. There is also a bubbly, energetic passenger who holds the door open while greeting the newcomer. A third rider is happy either way. The final passenger is cautiously concerned as she calculates the weight to see if the elevator can handle another person.
While not perfectly scientific, this scenario depicts in broad brush strokes the Dominant (outgoing/task-oriented) person who does not want to wait; the Inspiring (outgoing/people-oriented) person who holds the door open; the Supportive (reserved/people-oriented) person who is the peacemaker and tries to get along regardless; and the Cautious (reserved/task-oriented) person who wants to make sure the added person doesn’t exceed the weight limit.
By completing a full personality assessment, you will gain valuable insights to aid you to be that much more effective in all areas of life.
Remember: Everyone is a unique blend of traits from each of the four personality styles. © 2004 Robert A. Rohm Ph. D. / World – Class Communicator 2

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