POP Quiz –Is it time to make a career change?

Take a moment and fill out this quiz—you may be surprised with the results…

1. On Sunday nights I feel:
a. Excited—it’s the final moment of the weekend, and I’m excited to get back to work tomorrow.
b. Stressed—it’s the final moment of the weekend, doggone it!
c. Anxious—it’s the final moment of the weekend, and I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow.
d. Relaxed—it’s the final moment of the weekend, and I enjoy it!

2. At work, I feel:
a. Energized—I have lots of great projects and/or a great team, and I enjoy going to work.
b. Bored—I am doing the same thing I’ve been doing for a while.
a. Jaded—I don’t enjoy the people I work with, and I don’t think things will change.
b. Challenged—I’m always learning something new, and I have fun at work.

3. My relationship with my boss is:
a. Supportive—s/he goes to the mat to get the resources I need to do my job.
b. Distant—I rarely get face time with her/him, and s/he doesn’t come to me often for things.
c. Antagonistic—I don’t work well with her/him; there’s a lot of conflict in our communication.
d. Nurturing—s/he spends a lot of time helping me develop my skills and talents.

4. The senior team of my company views me as:
a. Essential—I contribute a lot to the company’s goals, and they know about it.
b. Non-existent—I’m not on their radar screen at all.
c. A pain—there have been a few situations where I didn’t agree with what was going on, and I made my feelings known.
d. Competent—my boss tells them I do my job well.

5. The last time I was assigned a big project outside of the duties of my job was:
a. Last month—I’m one of the ‘go-to’ people for new company initiatives.
b. Never—they don’t really know what I can do beyond my regular job.
c. A while ago—I worked on a big project once, but I haven’t been involved in anything new since.
d. Six to nine months ago—I’ve been involved in several big projects outside my normal job duties, but right now our department is really busy.

Mostly ‘A’s: You enjoy what you do, and you’ve got the momentum to prove it! It’s not time yet to make a change.
Mostly ‘B’s: You don’t feel passionate about your work, and it shows up in the office. It’s time to consider making a change.
Mostly ‘C’s: You don’t enjoy your job, and the people you work with know it! It’s definitely time to consider making a change.
Mostly ‘D’s: You’re still growing, learning and taking pleasure in your job. You may want to wait before making a change.

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