Picture Perfect Scene

In your mind, try to create what the best scenario or scene would be for you in five years.  In other words ask yourself what you would want to be doing in terms of these five areas of your life in order to realize your dreams:

  1. Career –What would be your ideal career?
  1. Environment—Where would you be living?
  1. Relationships—Would you be alone or with a partner?  Would you have family/friends around you?
  1. Body/Mind/Spirit—What would you be doing to ensure that all of these three areas are working in harmony?
  1. Livelihood/Prosperity—What would a prosperous life look like to you?

After you have really thought about this, write your dreams down on paper.

This will be your roadmap and will assist you in realizing your dreams in five years.  Keep this with you and read it and believe in it and achieve it.

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