A participant in one of Lani’s workshops had this to say about her personal learning experience:

“This course showed me my strengths and weaknesses and where I can look to find out more information. Lani was easy to work with and she is an extremely nice person. I would recommend this course to my friends and would enjoy it in a group format.” -E. Howe–

A long-standing client has expressed his thanks to Lani for all of her guidance and assistance by saying:

“You helped me understand myself and realize who I am and what I can accomplish. Before I hired you as my coach, I felt lost and I did not know which direction to take. Now I have a clearer picture of my future and I have a plan to follow.” –M.H., age 21–

A recent client that is working towards obtaining a new career in mid-life wrote to Lani:

“I am truly grateful for your guidance, coaching & support! You are blessed with a talent that is bound to help many now and in the future. I have been listening to the CD you recommended in my car and find the information very helpful. I look forward to our next meeting.” –L.D.–

Lani has a true talent for getting the best out of people, even though it takes time. She had a lot of patience. I very much enjoyed expressing myself with her and felt that she was able to understand my thoughts and share with me hers, making me very comfortable and secure to be honest with her. She created an atmosphere of trust.

Most importantly, what I enjoyed was the fact that I have a better direction now of where I would like to be in the work force and in my own personal life. I also think that the coaching opened new doors for me allowing me to explore different perspectives of myself and my goals and dreams.—LT—

I have been feeling very confident about my management abilities. The Director of Human Resources sent an email to my director and I after our annual Management Workshop, noting how she appreciated my true leadership style. Thank you for providing the tools and guidance to help me grow as a leader.

Success Stories

“The LOA workshop was enjoyable and fun—Lani is a great presenter. I look forward to using the tools and techniques when working with my clients.” — M.A.

“Simply put – Lani is a leader par excellence. I and my initiative have benefited manifold with Lani’s ideas and suggestions. Lani is knowledgeable, creative, generous and compassionate. The most endearing part of her personality is that she is ever willing to contribute to the society. My project – “Beyond” – would be incomplete without Lani’s inputs and ideas. Lani’s understanding of her subject is phenomenal and I am a proud beneficiary of the same. Overall a remarkable person, who has touched, moved and inspired me.” — A. Khan

“Hello Lani. I wanted to thank you for your comforting conversation we had on the return flight from Chicago to Ottawa two weeks ago. I thought how special that was to be seated next to a “Life coach“ after losing my brother. Thank you for listening!” — Ann

“I have been feeling very confident about my management abilities. Thank you for providing the tools and guidance to help me grow as a leader.” — Marie

“Lani is very organized and knew how to handle tough customer situations and turn them into positive experiences. She has great customer relations skills and interacts with her group in a positive manner. It was a pleasure having Lani assist our team.” — Janet, Lanark County

“Since you set me on the right track with our meetings I’m so driven in my courses, school work, and involvement in Queen’s University.” — MB