Academic Life Coaching

Most students have busy schedules and this program will require you to learn new concepts. However, the work of this program isn’t reading a dozen additional books and writing more papers. The real work of the program is approaching the work that you do have differently. For instance, the ALC program will challenge and offer you a new way to study and approach the work that you do have in a different way. Applying these concepts will free more of your time and energy up to do what you love to do.

The magic of coaching is that the client and coach design the action steps after each session together. You get to choose how you use the concepts in your life. These concepts are meant to be woven into your life so that you naturally live your life while being conscious of your values and the choices that you are making.

Academic Life Coaching is a program designed to assist you with:

  • Consistently getting the grades you want without stressing out,
  • Enhancing your educational experiences,
  • Increasing your self-awareness;
  • and developing leadership skills and vision for the future.

Teens in the Academic Life Coaching program over the past 7 years:

  • 93% developed more confidence
  • 82% reported being less stressed
  • 93% reported improved communication with parents
  • 95% improved their GPA (avg. gain: 0.81/yr starting below a 3.5)
  • 91% were accepted to their top choice college



  • Are you are feeling a little anxious (as well as a little excited) about your student being able to take advantage of best the opportunities available to young people today?
  • Are you the kind of person, who as a parent, wants to be on the cutting-edge of what’s happening in education?
  • Do you think that the traditional curriculum is good, but you like the idea of enriching your child’s education with varied experiences?
  • Do you like the idea of your child knowing their learning and motivation style as well as other concepts that will help your child be a better student and score well on standardized tests?
  • Do you believe in investing in your child’s education and you’re willing to try a program that you think looks promising. The Academic Life Coach Program isn’t extravagantly expensive ($650 to $1500 depending on your coach and geographic location) and scholarships do exist for students from low-income families.
  • Do you believe in the high potential of your student, and that they are capable of accomplishing whatever they desire if they have the right resources?


  • Do you want to learn about your learning, motivation and personality style and learn how to apply that understanding to your life?
  • Are you willing to learn new skills and concepts that will be challenging, stretch you, and push you to come to terms with how you can leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses?
  • Are you are tired of being stressed out about school and want to learn new ways of keeping track of your assignments, time, and energy so that you develop systems to stay on top of your work?

The ALC program delivers twenty-four concepts over ten sessions. Each session is designed to last forty-five to fifty minutes and to be completed with a Certified Life Coach– the dramatic success of the program happens from the magic of working with a trained coach.

The timing of the program is important. It is best to spread the sessions out to once a week or once every two weeks. It’s important to take time between sessions to put the concepts into action and really try them out in your life. You want the program to have a long-term impact, and stretching out the learning over a few months is a great way to ensure you’re really changing your habits, not just learning interesting and useful concepts.


The program is comprised of four cornerstones:

First Cornerstone: Academic Systems

The first three sessions of the ALC program focus on providing a foundation for creating a sustainable system for you to consistently get the grades you want without stressing out.


Second Cornerstone: Personal Fluency

The second third of the program focuses on increasing your self-awareness and building your fluency with your thoughts, emotions, and habits.


Third Cornerstone: Leadership

Leadership is about having a vision of what’s possible, what you want to create, and the impact you want to have on your community.


Fourth Cornerstone: Support Team

The final cornerstone is present throughout the program, and at times, especially the first, fourth, and final session, you will address the issue of consciously designing your support team. Asking for help can be a challenge.
Coaching programs are available on an individual or group basis. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting program »