Our Programs

Our programs are delivered in a variety of platforms including: personal and professional coaching and consulting, classroom training, teleclasses, and webinars.

Coaching is a holistic experience that focuses on the present and future, not the past. All of our coaching programs are based on the philosophy of coaching – “to maximize a person’s professional and personal potential through thought-provoking and meaningful techniques and processes.” Our programs are based on the most important aspects of coaching:

  • Assessing who you are and where you are right now
  • Generating new alternatives in order to encourage you to move forward
  • Refining goals and directions based on your desired outcomes
  • Brainstorming new ideas and ways for you to obtain your goals
  • Collaborating with you to formulate a specific action plan
  • Encouraging you to follow the plan and stay focused
  • Championing you and celebrating your successes.

Coaching programs are available on an individual or group basis.

Some of our most popular programs are:

  1. Academic Coaching – This exciting new program delivers twenty-four concepts over ten sessions. »

    • Consistently getting the grades you want without stressing out,
    • Enhancing your educational experiences,
    • Increasing your self-awareness;
    • and developing leadership skills and vision for the future.
  2. Positive Starts–a self-discovery program that assists teens/young adults with their first difficult and life-changing question, “What do I want to do with my life?” »

    This course will offer you an opportunity to become aware of your personality traits, learning styles, skills, strengths and competencies that you naturally possess or have developed.

  3. The Ease and Excitement of Career Re-Entry »

    This coaching program is designed to assist you in your career re-entry and to ensure that your goals and objectives are met in a timely and realistic manner.

  4. Developing Your Leadership Talents and Unique Style –for Emerging Leaders »

    Self-awareness is one of the key components of developing successful leadership capabilities—to know your leadership style and what strengths you possess enables you to gain confidence and enjoy greater success as a leader. This program will assist you in addressing key components of leadership including:

    • Who you are as a leader
    • Why you lead
    • Your values and motivations
    • Your leadership capabilities and areas of growth.
  5. Design a Meaningful Career and Career Transition »

    This program has been developed to encompass all facets of career rediscovery and exploration including career self-management and transitioning from Post-secondary education to work.