Back to school means more than buying new clothes and school supplies.

This time of year parents are thinking about getting their students new clothes and school supplies, but what about preparing them for a successful and productive school year?

As a academic coach I suggest taking the time to sit down with your student and have them reflect on their past year.

You can use a “Parent as Coach” approach and ask them open questions like:


What do you feel was your biggest success last year?

How did you achieve that?

What do you feel that you struggled with last year?

What made it a struggle?

How do you think you can try to ease that struggle this year?

What type of system did you use last year to keep yourself organized?

How effective was it?

How could you change or enhance it to make it more effective?

What else can you do to get a great start to the school year?


Asking your student these types of questions and coaching them to come up with their own solutions and systems that work for them will encourage them to start their year off with new levels of responsibility, independence and confidence.


What ideas/suggestions do you have to start your student off to a great year at school?

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