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Explore your potential with Academic Life Coaching

Academic Life Coaching can change the trajectory of a teen’s life. It introduces young people to the why and how of unlocking their potential.

Through a structured approach, I help students understand how best to learn in school, exercise personal leadership, and become more proactive in their lives. My Academic Success program helps teens avoid common pitfalls and starts them on a path to fulfillment, success, and effectiveness.

Academic Success Coaching with Lani Bortolotti for teens and college studentsAcademic Life Coaching is a teen-centric coaching program developed by John Williams. Wanting to share his success working with students, John officially launched his Life Coach Training Program in 2010. The Academic Life Coaching Training and Certification Program is approved by the International Coach Federation.

One of the reasons that Academic Life Coaching works so well in helping students get above average grades and get into the universities/colleges they want is that within it, they find their purposeful direction and form a plan of action.

Are you / Is your teen

  • Overwhelmed by school?
  • Having trouble getting started, forming good habits or moving on?
  • Having trouble expressing and communicating to parents and/or teachers?
  • Unhappy with a current program of study?
  • Ready to relearn how to work and study effectively and efficiently?
  • Looking for a lift in confidence, inspiration, motivation and academic achievement?

“Lani made me tackle my gremlins and realize, ‘Don’t let your fear of trying something new stop you. If you do, you will always wonder ‘What if..’ ” It was just the encouragement I needed. I am learning new things, meeting new people, and I surprise myself every day with my capacity to accomplish my goals. I am truly grateful for your guidance, coaching & support!” LD 

Make no mistake – this is not tutoring! Academic Life Coaching is a warm, trusting, empowering relationship that applies structured methodologies designed to maximize your investment of time and money in education, ensure a good fit with the program of study, increase self-confidence, enhance motivation for school, and help you develop a strong identity.

In the comfort and truth of one-to-one coaching, I will:

  • Help you work through confusion
  • Alleviate the anxiety and disappointment that can sometimes accompany educational and career decision-making
  • Help you become more proactive, organized, and better equipped to manage the various areas of school/ life.
  • Help you stand tall and stay strong

“Lani was an absolute delight to work with. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level, and truly worked to build a trustworthy relationship. The results achieved from her coaching were invaluable, and she has a rare ability to work both professionally and personally with clients.  I would recommend her services to anybody in a heartbeat.” Kaelan

The Academic Life Coaching Program is designed as 10 one-to-one sessions that cover 32 key concepts, but I’ve found that not all students require the full program. I’ll draw on the full range of knowledge and tools to help you break through the barriers you face at school and in your schoolwork.

Your Academic Success Program will include:

  • An initial consultation with your teen
  • A 60-minute foundation session (via Skype) with me, Lani
  • A complete Academic Success assessment
  • Seven 45-minute coaching sessions (via Skype)
  • Email communication throughout the program
  • Your Final Success Report, delivered and reviewed with teen and parent(s) (via Skype)

Academic Success sets you up to do remarkable work, which naturally helps you succeed at school, get into the university/college you want, and take the next step towards fulfilling your passionate pursuits.

Help your teen achieve Academic Success. Contact me right now.

More about Academic Success:

Students have busy schedules already, and if you’re struggling in school I know more schoolwork is the last thing you need.

You won’t have to read a dozen additional books and write more papers. The real work of the program is approaching the work that you do have differently.

Through Academic Success, you’ll learn a new way to study and approach your work in a different way. Applying these concepts will free up more of your time and energy to do what you love to do.

Let’s talk more about Academic Success!

Meet Lani Bortolotti, Epic Direction and Academic Success Coach for Teens and College Students

When it comes to success in school, life and career direction, I know today’s teens really benefit from coaching to unlock their potential. My certifications, experience, and passion for honest, empowering dialogue enable me to do what I truly love: put young adults on a path that will keep them challenged, confident and optimistic about the future.
–Lani Bortolotti

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