Adding a Coach to Your Team

Young adults have many people rooting for them: parents, siblings, teachers, guidance counselors; sometimes advisors, tutors, trainers, and specialists too. But not everyone has someone who will carefully, intentionally, and enthusiastically question them, listen to them, assess them and help them chart their course.

For over 7 years, I’ve been helping students find and follow their true path. I discovered quickly as a teacher and mother that teens need a unique combination of empowering life coaching and honest, realistic career counseling to unlock their potential. In response, I developed ‘Epic Direction’ – a special coaching program for teens and young adults that delivers career coaching in a format they embrace and enjoy.

I’ve been told that I:

  • Help kids feel valued
  • Offer something special; something tailored specially for them
  • Become someone teens have in their corner, someone who sees their best side
  • Am accessible with a non-judgemental approach

My credentials, the strategies I developed as a career coach for adults, my work as Academic Life Coach and my passion for honest, empowering dialogue give me a chance to do what I truly love: put young adults on a path that will keep them challenged, confident and optimistic about the future.

I believe in the high potential of your student, and that they are capable of accomplishing whatever they desire if they have the right resources.

Different Approaches for Different Kids

Meet Lani Bortolotti, Epic Direction and Academic Success Coach for Teens and College StudentsI’m a mother of two adult sons who are both very different people. My eldest son was a successful student and athlete and worked diligently to please everyone. He didn’t struggle with academics, but struggled with his own high expectations. My younger son was outgoing and energetic. He struggled with school and didn’t get the grades that his brother did.

During both their high school years, I wished that I had someone for them to turn to, but I never found the right person. The guidance counselors in school were too busy and the teachers didn’t have enough time. Luckily, I was undertaking coach training at the time and was able to assist my sons to discover their strengths, interests, passions and values – and that led to them both finding their clear direction. My eldest son is only 29 and has just been promoted to Senior Vice-President of a large bank. My youngest son is now the Manager of Digital Marketing for a large media company. When I realized that this is what I was called to do, I began working with other students.

I help others find their purposeful direction, and then show them how to take action to get there.

Is there somewhere you’re longing to go? I can help you get there.


  • CTI Graduate
  • Career Coaches Institute
  • Academic Life Coach
  • Diploma Career Advisor University of Calgary
  • Certified Law of Attraction Trainer/Coach
  • Certified DISC Consultant
  • Teacher (Bachelor of Education—Ottawa University)


  • 7 years working as a career coach, helping students express their individuality and find their clear direction.
  • 5 years as a teacher where I discovered that teachers and guidance counselors are overwhelmed and cannot give students the individual attention they need.
  • Designed my own program, ‘Epic Direction,’ that has been assisting students/young adults discover who they are and how to begin to find a clear direction for their life.
  • Trusted coach to adults who have enhanced or changed their present career/life.
  • Worked with a number of organizations as a partner/coach to their staff during transition.
  • Delivered a number of group sessions on topics related to career development, career discovery, transitioning, Law of Attraction.
  • Former public relations/manager for a large health care organization

I’m also:

  • A dedicated mother and wife
  • A golfer, curler, and kayaker
  • A traveller
  • Passionate about entertaining and cooking healthy and delicious meals
  • I’ve found my calling – it aligns my own strengths, interests, curiosity, and my values: Family, healthy-active living, spontaneity, life-long learning, service to others, and fun!

Choosing the right direction, career, and pursuits should take into account your values, your passions, and your view of the world.

Read more about how these fit into our work together.

Meet Lani Bortolotti, Epic Direction and Academic Success Coach for Teens and College Students

When it comes to success in school, life and career direction, I know today’s teens really benefit from coaching to unlock their potential. My certifications, experience, and passion for honest, empowering dialogue enable me to do what I truly love: put young adults on a path that will keep them challenged, confident and optimistic about the future.
–Lani Bortolotti

People are encouraged in different ways.
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